Choosing Light Fixtures

 Choosing a lighting fixture for a room is a “make or break”. It ties the whole room together. If you choose one that’s too big (or too small) it can throw the whole vibe of the room off. To avoid this situation, we have created a fool-proof formula to choose the right fixture for your room! 

Here at Black Diamond Lighting our experts have a rule of thumb when choosing the appropriate sized fixture.

Step 1: Measure the length and width of the room you want your particular lighting fixture to be in.

Step 2: Add those two numbers together (ex. if the length is 14ft and the width is 10ft, your number is now 24). This number will be the MINIMUM number of inches that you want the width of your fixture to be. In this example, the minimum width for your fixture is 24 inches.

Cool Living Room Lighting Design Ideas Black Round Large Chandelier

For lighting over top of a table (ex. Dining Room):


Step 3: To obtain the best aesthetic result, there should be 36 inches between the bottom of the light fixture and the top of the table. That’s the standard. However, in a double-height room, or larger architectural spaces, you can increase this distance to 40 inches.

How To Hang A Dining Room Chandelier At The Perfect Height Every Time

Trying to create an open concept look?

Nowadays, we understand that open-concept spaces create the illusion of a larger space and have thus gained popularity in homes today. These spaces often have more than one light fixture in the room. Black Diamond Lighting experts suggest that you find fixtures that aren’t the exact same but are still similar in style. For example, imagine your kitchen has an island/breakfast bar in addition to the kitchen table. If you decided to install a chandelier with a rustic iron finish over the kitchen table, then you should choose another lighting fixture with rustic iron finish to put over the island/breakfast bar (we recommend a pendant or two depending on available space).


We hope this helps you when choosing the appropriate lighting fixture for your room. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at